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The digital technology narrative is sweeping across the insurance landscape, driven by a new generation of consumers, data, automation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). GasanMamo Insurance looks at the top insurance insights that are shaping the insurance industry and how digital technologies are driving irreversible change. 

Customer Centricity and customer experience 

Customer centricity continues to hold the top focus in 2022, as insurers continue to understand that they will not only need to meet customers where they are today but innovate to meet them in the future.  In an age where customers expect everything to be available at the click of a button, the insurance industry is recognizing that there is an increased appetite for digital capabilities across many age groups. 

Digital technology – Mobile apps and increased usage

Mobile applications have emerged as the game-changer for every industry, and the insurance sector is no exception. They help to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, user engagement, and loyalty, as well as allowing insurance companies to simplify complex processes and reduce paperwork. The most successful apps are straightforward and action-driven, quickly leading the customer to what they are there to accomplish without the need to bring in a human agent. 


The sudden shift to remote working during the pandemic significantly increased the risks for customer service functions, raising data security concerns when handling personal customer data and taking payments over the phone. As the economy and financial systems become more digitized, cyber threats – and the security measures needed to counter them – continue to grow. Insurers will need to continue to expand their cybersecurity capabilities to detect, prevent, and respond to attacks to mitigate risk.

AI, Intelligent Automation & Robotics

AI and automation will profoundly impact and improve business outcomes in customer experience, cost optimization, operational efficiencies, market competitiveness and newer business models. This growth is driven by newer data channels, better data processing capabilities and advancements in AI algorithms. Intelligent automation and robotics technology are also critical tools that are enabling insurance companies to improve operational efficiencies while expanding capacity, increasing agility, and reducing costs. 

Human Touch & Technology Balance

No matter how much automation occurs, human touch will always be a necessary component of customer interaction, especially in an industry as nuanced as insurance. Insurers will need to focus on finding the balance between human touch and technology, using digitization to augment human capabilities so that customers still have a choice with regard to how they communicate with their insurers.   

Company culture and the right talent

Recruiting and retaining the right talent in an extremely competitive job market is fast becoming one of the biggest insurers’ challenges and will require a multi-faceted approach that addresses the work-life balance and the needs of a remote workforce. Roles requiring technology skills top the talent crunch list: cloud engineering, data science, AI, software development and cybersecurity. 


GasanMamo Insurance is one of Malta’s leading insurance providers and has fully embraced these insurance insights and a digital transformation strategy, intending to make the customer experience as seamless as possible. The recent launch of the clients’ portal, which allows customers to pay and renew their insurance policies, entirely online, is simply the next step in GasanMamo’s digitisation journey.