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Published on the 4th June 2014

A beacon of light illuminates

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A beacon of light illuminates

Have you ever driven down to the beautiful South coast of Malta on a sunny winter’s day? Had thoughts on how beautiful the stretch of greenery, sea and heritage is? Have you ever noticed a black lighthouse shining on the southernmost tip of Malta? Well now you can see just that, the Delimara Lighthouse brought back to its former glory thanks to a restoration project undertaken by Din l-Art Helwa and supported by GasanMamo Insurance . Go on and see how this intensive project came into place to the final details and appreciate the beauty of our beloved Islands.

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Delimara Lighthouse History and Restoration

Built in 1854, the Delimara Lighthouse has served as a beacon to shipping as well as a landmark of British architecture in Delimara, Malta. The first phase of the restoration involved the restoration of the exterior of the lighthouse and included repairing the damage to the walls, the roof and the tower. All cement accretions added in previous years were removed and the mortar joints were plastered with a hydraulic lime-based mix. The external apertures required extensive maintenance and any missing timber apertures were replaced.

The second phase involved internal works such as plumbing and electricity, maintenance of internal apertures and the installation of a kitchen and bathrooms. The first two phases were completed by the first months of 2008. The third and last phase which took 5 years in total, included the restoration of the light mechanism and its housing, gass prisms and lantern mechanism.

Din l-Art Helwa intend to utilise the lighthouse for heritage tours and accommodation for the discerning tourist looking for a different holiday experience. Learn more about Delimara Lighthouse .