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Published on the 23rd December 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility embraced by GasanMamo employees

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Corporate Social Responsibility embraced by GasanMamo employees

This year, the GasanMamo Insurance Staff Voluntary Scheme has proved to be an attainment following the increased number of participation by the company’s employees. The scheme was launched last year with a considerable number of staff members opting to take an extra day of paid leave to partake in voluntary work activities during work hours. Embracing GasanMamo’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some Activities


Some of the activities taken by GasanMamo employees included voluntary work in local communities and also charitable work abroad. Maria Spiteri opted to use this scheme for a voluntary experience in Spain at Sisters of Madre Therese Convent for two weeks. “Undoubtedly this was a unique experience as we worked with homeless people and children that have various social problems. I used to coordinate events for youngsters and every morning we used to pick up the children from different places and bring them to the convent, serve them food and organise various activities like crafts and outings,” she said.

Anthony Zammit and Jose Busuttil spent a day helping the Ursuline Sisters in Valletta this year, painting some of the walls which were in great need of maintenance. Both of them recall this experience as meaningful, which helped them gain confidence in their professional work, feel a sense of satisfaction and reward, achievement and fulfilment. The other employees that participated in this voluntary scheme were James Borg Cumbo, Lara Barbuto, Elaine Camilleri and Mariella Mangion.

The Scheme’s Intention

The intention of the GasanMamo Volunteering Leave Scheme is to boost employees to contribute more in their communities, which will improve the quality of life and opportunities for all citizens. The company’s Managing Director, Julian Mamo believes that such scheme helps to develop the communication, interpersonal, team working skills and ability to work independently therefore GasanMamo will continue to fund this scheme in order to increase the number of workers taking this voluntary program in the near future.