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Published on the 16th April 2024

GasanMamo and Żibel’s April Clean-Up at Ta’ Xbiex Marina

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GasanMamo and Żibel’s April Clean-Up at Ta’ Xbiex Marina

April Clean up! On Saturday, 8th April, a dedicated team from GasanMamo joined forces with the environmental NGO Żibel for a significant clean-up event at Ta’ Xbiex Marina. More than 80 volunteers, including scuba divers and free divers, converged on Manoel Island Marina to take part in this impactful initiative.

The day was marked not only by good weather but also by a surprising discovery. Among the debris, volunteers found intriguing historical artifacts including part of a medieval-era clay jug and a US army plate from World War II. These unique finds were accompanied by milk bottles dating back to the 1950s, over 2,200 assorted glass bottles, and 70 tires.

Here’s a breakdown of the waste collected during the clean-up:

  • Plastic: 138.00 kg
  • Ropes and Fishing Gear: 56.00 kg
  • Glass: 1,247.00 kg
  • Metal: 383.00 kg
  • Mixed Waste: 1,264.00 kg

In total, the volunteers successfully removed more than three tonnes of waste from the marina, totaling 3,088.60 kg of debris cleared from our waters.

The event was not only productive but also enjoyable, providing an excellent opportunity for community engagement under the sun. It showcased the power of collective effort in preserving the health and beauty of our marine environments.

GasanMamo is proud to support Żibel’s ongoing mission to manage waste and protect Malta’s natural heritage. Mark Mamo, Director at GasanMamo Insurance, remarks, “Together, we strive to make a tangible difference in protecting our oceans and promoting a sustainable future.”.   With this vision, we look forward to fostering further community involvement and making a lasting impact on our environment.

About GasanMamo Insurance

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