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Published on the 7th August 2017

Stay Happy – How to Stay Positive

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Stay Happy – How to Stay Positive

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Sometimes, we humans have a tendency to simply get lost inside our own heads. We think that we have the busiest life, the most to do and keep up with, the least time for anything outside family and work…but if we had to take a step back, and look at it from the outside what would our life look like?

Are we too busy to notice how happy we are?

These are some tips on how to brighten our days – at home, at work and when running around…


Find time for others.

We often forget how many things we have in our life to be thankful for, we start to take them for granted after a while – if it’s people or objects in our life. We underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, and how lovely it is to compliment someone – such actions have the power to turn life around. With gratitude comes RESPECT.

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  • Be the reason someone smiles today

In the Dalai Lama’s words, ‘People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used’.


Find time for yourself and spend time alone.

Stop yourself before saying how tired you are. Turn it around, the ones around you and you yourself will feel more at ease and happy.

Do the things you love, if not on a daily basis then at least once a week. Developing and exploring new hobbies is a beautiful thing, it is something that will be nourishing and self-fulfilling. Connecting with the natural world will make you more at ease and at peace – be ready to feel contented.

It is also important to realize and learn when to say ‘no’! One very important thing is to disconnect from your phone…it’s liberating and essential. Get offline, life shouldn’t revolve around work and social media.

  • Meditate, pray, exercise, yoga

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  1. SHARE

Share your life with others, from family and friends to neighbours.

Cook for others. If you do so on a regular basis, then change it up a bit. Make it more exciting or bake some house favourite you haven’t had time to make in a while. Eat healthily whenever you can, it will make you feel so great.

Share your knowledge and learn how to stay positive from others too. Find a few minutes to read or watch a documentary.

  • Keep your kids and family close – so make that call and fight for just causes

Control your expectations – what we expect are ideas formulated in our heads but which depend on the actions of others – which we cannot control. Sometimes if you do not get what you want, view it as a stroke of luck.

  • Simply work hard, stay motivated and inspire others. See opportunity in everything, it’s all about the way you look at things which leads up to our next point.

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It’s all about how you look at what life dishes out. Turn your negatives into positives. Life is all about challenges and to keep it positive and upbeat does not always seem positive, or is not our natural reaction. It’s important to change or rather, view the challenges as opportunities to appreciate our inner strength.

  • Choosing to be optimistic makes everyone feel better, positivity is contagious

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Positivity is a powerful tool that can transform your thoughts, actions, and overall well-being. By focusing on gratitude, mindfulness, and self-care, you can navigate life’s challenges with resilience and learn how to stay positive in challenging times.

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