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Published on the 19th September 2017

The Importance of Pension Insurance Plan

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Life is a beautiful gift. It is a chance to explore the wonders of the world and experience new heights. Life is also what you make it. Every day should be spent with purpose, and time should be invested in the important things that bring happiness. This is why it is essential that you live life to the full,  enjoy time with the people closest to your heart, and look towards the future with ease of mind. In order to do this, we must plan ahead – which is why people often opt for a pension insurance plan.

We all want, and wish, for a great retirement, and this is something that we need to put some effort into, in order to create some kind of a pension insurance plan from as early on in our lives as possible. This means that we are all required to make a plan for ourselves, whereby we evaluate and analyse what is best for us if we should or shouldn’t make a particular purchase, what kind of goals we should set and how to achieve them, and more. Of course, this does not mean that one should not take risks. Taking risks is part of the plan, especially when you’re just starting off your career and possibly a family life. However, what we must do in any case, is take some things into consideration.

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1)Plan and Track Your Expenses

Know how much you’re spending every month, and on what you’re spending it. This means that you can easily identify the things that you need to cut down on and also your priorities. So if there’s something that you can live without just remove it from your life – as long as you are still able to live comfortably of course. Or how about going out to eat and drink? If you can go out a bit less – even if you reduce it by once a month, it’s a start.   

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2) Save Up – Consistently

Make a plan to save up a certain amount every month. Even if you need to go to your bank to talk to a financial adviser, do it. They will be able to figure out what kind of expenses you’ll be looking at, reasonably speaking as they will be taking your current lifestyle into consideration. Make sure the amount is saved away and that you won’t touch it – unless you really need to. Come a rainy day then you have some extra savings to pitch into, but this is not your first go-to. It will allow you to have a bit more money with your pension plan.

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3) Track Your Progress

Make sure you’re staying on track. This means that you have to be aware that you do not put your hand into your savings account too often. If you are then it means you need to rethink your saving strategy – maybe you’re saving up too much every month, or you need to cut down on your expenses…there might be various reasons, just get to the bottom of yours. Either you’re spending too much on going out to lunch and dinner, or on your TV and phone bills…see what you need to cut down.   

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4) Work to be Debt Free

This is the ideal state. Yet the reality is that many young people have to take out a loan to buy a house, a car or some other luxury. If you’re invested in yourself and your family, then you will be willing to make some cuts for the present and not take out that honeymoon loan, for example. Some things are just taken a bit too far…sometimes it’s not that easy to see you’re going overboard in the moment, but this is why it’s essential to take a step back and analyse the situation from there.

You’re going to make mistakes and take the wrong turn, but that’s alright, you will learn, and you will be able to save up if you’re determined. Be careful to go slow and to act fast when you need to.

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Sometimes we convince ourselves that now is the time to work so that we can enjoy later, yet in reality, you need to be able to leave time for yourself to enjoy right now. It’s important to have your targets in place and to know your financial limits but stay focused. It’s not all about the money. You have to enjoy and appreciate what you’re doing in the present, so that means giving yourself and others a treat sometimes and being able to splurge. This is partly how you will be able to actually enjoy your retirement instead of being afraid that you’re going to spend every penny you have.   

Enjoying life is what we can help you with. Contact us to learn more about a tailored pension insurance plan for you. For further information or if you would like to apply, please contact a GasanMamo Financial Services representative at [email protected]