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Published on the 16th February 2016

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

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Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Wherever you looked last weekend, all you could see were hearts, in shop windows, on cards, on teddy bears and throughout restaurants and bars. Valentine’s Day and the run-up to it is known for being all about love, your heart and the heart of your loved ones, but have you stopped to think about keeping your heart healthy?

That Very Important Pump

It is the pump that keeps you going, just like a car’s engine. The heart needs looking after, so we have compiled a list of tips for a healthy heart. There are three main contributors to a healthy heart:


Fortunately for you, a Mediterranean diet is recommended for a healthy heart. This diet is packed with fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. The food for a healthy heart is instilled in Maltese culture, so make the most of it!


Love it or hate it, exercise is crucial for a healthy heart. The increase in heart rate for even just 30 minutes a day will help keep your heart healthy. If exercise is increased and done alongside a healthy diet it will contribute to maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight if needed.


Not placing stress on your heart is vital for its health. This includes stress on the body, for example, additional weight, high cholesterol and smoking. Mental stress also contributes to the health of your heart, your state of mind affects your entire body, sometimes without you realising it. Making time for relaxation and meditation can do wonders for your heart.

Broken Heart

Hopefully this weekend no one had to go through the pain of a broken heart. A broken heart isn’t just the pain you feel when a relationship ends, it is a medical condition also known as stress-induced cardiomyopathy. It is sometimes mistaken for a heart attack because it has similar symptoms.

A broken heart is caused by the increase in stress and hormones associated with the end of a relationship, whether it is a divorce or a breakup, in addition, it can occur if you are betrayed, separated from a loved one or in the event of a death of a loved one.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy and Private Health Insurance

There are additional steps to the above that can help keep your heart in check. Regular check-ups with your doctor, if you are overweight or have any medical conditions, it is worth getting your heart checked out regularly.

Taking out private health insurance will ensure, should the worse happen, you are covered in the best possible way. Private health insurance is available through GasanMamo Insurance, to protect you and your heart, find out more.