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travel insurance

When going on holiday you never think of what could possibly go wrong. If you’re thinking about going on holiday without travel insurance, you’ll definitely think again after seeing these top five travel insurance claims.

Medical Claims

Getting sick or hurting yourself whilst having too much fun isn’t something many of us think of when planning our holiday. Interestingly enough, however, medical claims are one of the most common travel insurance claims. To minimise the risk and avoid having your holiday ruined always do your research beforehand especially if you’re not sure about the quality of the food and drink in your destination. Similarly, if you’re taking part in any risky activities you’re well aware of the possible outcomes when booking your holiday and that your travel insurance policy might not cover these activities.

Lost Luggage

You’re at the luggage carousel and you notice that your bag hasn’t yet made an appearance – this sight can most certainly bring your holiday to a disappointing start to say the least. Aside from lost luggage, stolen and damaged luggage are also common travel insurance claims. Avoid your trip from starting on the wrong foot by checking the condition of your bags before leaving and removing all destination stickers from your luggage before travelling as this can cause unnecessary confusion.

Travel Delay

Cancelled flights and delays aren’t an uncommon occurrence. A travel delay effects any connecting flights, booked accommodation and even activities you have planned. Luckily if you have travel insurance you can make a claim which would cover your losses and allow you to get on with your holiday without regretting all the money lost because of a delayed flight or train. To do your best to avoid travel delays try flying early in the morning and during the week, and don’t forget to always make it to the airport or train station with plenty of time to spare!

Lost Money or Cards

You’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and you realised that your money or even your credit cards have gone missing. Having a travel insurance policy will help you out if this happens to me, but you should also do your part to prevent it from happening. Make sure keep your wallet and money in a safe place and don’t forget to keep you cards and cash separate from one another.

Lost Items

These days we all travel with valuable items such as a phone, laptop or a camera. Similar to loss of money, this is another common travel insurance claim. If any of your valuables go missing don’t forget to report the loss within the time frame stipulated in your insurance policy, ideally you’ll have a police report to back up your claim. Your travel insurance policy will stipulate an amount that will be covered should you lose any valuables during your travels.