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Common Sports Injuries

If you lead an active lifestyle a sport injury is something you will probably encounter whilst taking part in some kind of exercise, and there’s nothing worse than an injury to put a stop to your perfect gym streak. In this week’s blog, we take a look at some of the most common sports injuries and how best to avoid them and hopefully avoid using your health insurance for something that could have been prevented.

Knee Injuries

These are one of the most common sports injuries caused as a result of sitting down for long periods of time during the day. When at work we spend most of our time sitting at our desks and once work is over we decide to go to the gym to blow off steam.

Since we don’t use our hip muscles during the day then our knee gets most of the pressure and stress exerted during our workout. To prevent this kind of injury it’s best to do workouts that exercise your hips as opposed to just your knee such as lunges.

Back Pain

Back pain is usually a sign that you’re not doing your exercises correctly. Whether it’s weight lifting or crunches, back pain is a sure sign that you are putting unnecessary strain on your back as opposed to the core muscles that you should be working out.

The best way to avoid back injuries, which could result in numerous doctor visits and health insurance claims, is to stretch before and after core exercises as well as use the right techniques during lifting exercises.


This injury can happen in any joint including the wrist, heel, calf or shoulders. It is usually caused by an inflammation of the tendon which is a result of over-exerting yourself whilst exercising.

The best way to avoid and treat this type of injury is by stretching as well as icing your painful tendon. The most important cure for this injury is taking time off until you feel that the aches and pains won’t disturb your workout.

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain can occur away from a sports environment including slipping, falling down a step or in high heels. Unfortunately, it is very common, especially in sports. 25,000+ people a day sprain their ankles.

There are various grades of sprain from 1 – 3 with 1 being less severe where the ligament is stretched, 2 where the ligament is partially torn and 3 where the ligament is completely torn.

Health Insurance for Injuries

Our private medical insurance, also known as health insurance covers treatment for diseases, illness and injury that is likely to respond to treatment quickly.

GasanMamo Health Insurance for injuries is available. Should you have any concerns about your injury and cover please do not hesitate to contact us.