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Published on the 2nd January 2018

5 Maltese Roads To Explore Upon Receiving Your Driving Licence

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5 Maltese Roads To Explore Upon Receiving Your Driving Licence

Receiving your driving licence is essentially receiving a ticket to true freedom.

No longer do you have to be restricted to the timetables of public transport, or the schedules of friends and families, but a whole new world of sightseeing becomes available.

It allows you to discover the stunning locations that surround you, most of which you don’t normally get the chance to take in and admire.

Malta is home to some beautiful scenery to explore; here are the top 5 Maltese roads to check out!

1. The Three Villages

Located in the centre of the island of Malta, the three villages consist of Attard, Balzan and Lija. All three are close to each other, to the extent that in many cases, the left side of the street belongs to one village, while the right belongs to another.

All three are interesting in their own right, and well worth a visit and a wander around. When combined together, the three work to form a stunning, picturesque landscape, creating a unique experience, and a quiet but scenic drive through streets are lined with classical structures, as well as the San Anton Palace and Gardens, which remains the Presidential Palace to this day!

San Anton Presidential Palace

2. The Red Tower

Saint Agatha’s Tower, known as the ‘Red Tower’ due to its unusual hue, was originally built as a defence structure, and now offers an opportunity for amazing views.

This mysterious landmark is great to drive to, as you can see it approaching in the distance, creating a wonderful visual experience.

It gazes out over the north of Malta, and provides incredible 360 views of the island and the sea. Driving makes this site much more accessible, and immediately catches your eye as you are approaching it.

It is impossible to drive past this visual wonder without stopping to explore!

St. Agatha's Tower known as Red Tower

3. The Coast Road

This long stretch of road does more than get you from A to B. The Coast Road winds its way along some of Malta’s most beautiful coastlines, allowing you to experience the beauty of the island.

Along the way, head to the small fishing villages and settlements which boast a huge number of hidden gems, including unique restaurants and cafes, heritage and spiritual sites, and a number of stunning views.

Truly enjoy the experience of driving along this beautiful coastline, and have a road trip to remember!

Most beautiful road in Malta

4. The Inland Sea

Another attraction which is stunning to approach is the Inland Sea, located near Dwejra Point and Dwejra Bay. This small seal lake connects to the Mediterranean Sea through a small tunnel in the cliff, just large enough for boats to pass through.

There is also an opportunity for a wonderful diving experience and, like so much of the island, exhibits truly stunning views.

As you drive by, you will descend towards the coast and be in for a visual treat!

Marvel at the clear blue ocean in the distance, and take in the incredible views of Fungus Rock, the Inland Sea, and the remains of the once great Azure window.

The site also has a handy car park, allowing you the added bonus of exploring several attractions from the same place!

Take a boat in the Inland Sea

5. Blue Grotto and Hagar Qim Megalithic Temples

Another advantage of your licence is the opportunity to see those wonderful sites which are difficult to access by public transport.

The Blue Grotto, in the South of Malta, is a site famous for brilliant diving and stunning views.

The scene consists of a natural grotto, which combines with sunlight and the chain of caves which surrounds it to reflect the phosphorescent colours of the hidden flora and the deep blue of the sea.

As an added bonus, the road to the grotto contains a viewing platform, so you can take in the beauty from the comfort of the roadside.

Close by is the Hagar Qim Megalithic Temple. Discovered under rubble in 1839, the site is said to date back to 2400-2000BC.

This Megalithic Temple is one of many perfect examples of Maltese prehistory, the largest example found here sits at seven metres high, and weighing 20 tons.

The site has been excavated and thrown up a number of treasures, including ‘fat figure’ statuettes including the famous ‘Venus of Malta.’

Other must-see venues in the area include the open air shrine with its curious symbols, and the unique four sided altar.

South of Malta

These are just a few examples of the incredible sites Malta has to offer!

The advantage of driving is that it opens up many wonderful places which cannot be accessed by public transport.

Always remember, however, that with great power comes great responsibility.

Although gaining the ticket to your freedom is a wonderful occasion, safety is paramount, both for you and those around you.

Careful and considerate driving is a must to allow you to truly enjoy your experience on the road, and ensure the safety of both passengers and strangers. So remember, buckle-up and keep your eyes on the road!

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