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We  wish to inform our clients, that all our offices are going to be closed on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st September 2021.  Business as usual as from Wednesday 22nd September 2021. Thank you



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Colin Cassar 99000888 372469(M) [email protected] 023/2000
John Callus 79470388 133658(M) [email protected] 014/2000
Joseph Muscat 99405886 231168(M) [email protected] 008/2000
Tarcisio Mercieca 79709896 16760(G) [email protected] 017/2000
Malcolm Bonnici 79357357 347668(M) [email protected] 000/2003
Antwan Mugliett 99861099 21008(A) [email protected] 032/2004